Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shekinah Says Tiny and TI Are Not Divorcing


Via UB Magazine reports:

The other day it was reported that T.I. and Tiny Harris were having marriage problems. The couple also didn’t help rumors much when they appeared to subliminally take shots at each other on their Instagram accounts.
In fact, a source even told Sandra Rose that they are in fact having some issues in the marriage and there are rumors floating around that it’s because T.I. allegedly slept with one of Tiny’s friends.
However, the couple’s close friend Shekinah Anderson took to
her Instagram account to address the reports. And according to her, things are all good between Tiny and T.I.
Shekinah posted this photo on IG to shut down the rumors:

If anyone can speak on Trouble Man and Miss Piggy’s relationship it’s their close friend Shekinah. Plus, even if there were some marital issues, we doubt the couple would really put it all on blast via their Instagram accounts. Do you think there is really trouble in Hustle Gang paradise?

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