Thursday, January 30, 2014

Man Kills Two Black Neighbors Without Warning

man shoot neighbors
Anybody wanna vote for gun control yet? No? Oh, ok…
According to NY Daily News:
A West Virginia man shot and killed his new neighbor and the man’s brother without warning as the two inspected their land.
The shooter told police he thought his alleged victims were breaking into a building he mistakenly thought he owned, and police are baffled as to why he chose such a drastic measure to preserve something of no value to him.
The Cabell County Sheriff’s Department charged Rodney Bruce Black, 62, of Barboursville, with two counts of first degree murder after he killed Garrick Hopkins, 60, of Milton and his brother, Carl Hopkins Jr., 61, of Oak Hill, at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sheriff Tom McComas told the Daily News on Monday.
Garrick Hopkins and his wife had just purchased land next door to Black and planned to start building a home in the next few weeks, McComas said. The landowner had invited his brother over to check out the property Saturday afternoon.
Black saw the two men — who were both married with children — looking inside a shed. Then, allegedly without warning or calling the police, he grabbed a rifle and fired once at both men.
They died at the scene.
“He shot first and then called 911,” McComas said. “He said they were breaking into his house but it wasn’t his property.”
“It’s just a terrible, terrible tragedy,” he said. “We’re still trying to figure all of this out. … Hopefully we’ll find out his reasoning as the investigation continues.”
Can’t just allow every creepy azz cr-…red neck to have a gun and play cowboys and indians with real people.

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