Saturday, January 11, 2014

Michael Vick’s Secret Ex Girlfriend Reveals His Dirty Secrets
People just won’t let Michael Vick (pictured above with his wife) be great. If he’s not being thrown in jail over dogs (people have gotten less time for killing people), he’s getting exposed by his “secret ex-girlfriend.”
If you were a secret, you were probably a groupie, not a girlfriend boo.
According to Radar Online:
Vick’s “secret girlfriend’ of more than ten years describes her time with the NFL star in her new book, Quarterback Keeper, as first reported by Radar. Writing under the nom de plume “Bella Escritor” she blows the lid off of some of his dirtiest secrets in the new, never-before-seen final manuscript.
Vick and the author first met when she was working at a strip club. She recalls, “He said only one word, ‘dance,’ and that’s exactly what I did …
Vick appeared to take it all in like a child in a candy store for the very first time.” At the end of the night, Escritor claims, she left the club with him, and they had sex for the first time at his Atlanta home — although he was already in a relationship.
She claims, they would have countless other hookups — always using flavored condoms.
On any given night, she claims, any number of women could be brought back to his house to have sex with his friends.
“Once we returned to his house, we would separate and watch the others partake in sex sessions throughout the mansion,” she claims. “Vick and I would sometimes crawl on the floors and sneak into people’s bedrooms together and watch them having sex.”
Mike might need to get his gwap up like DWade. Gabby’s boo has Olivia Pope on deck to fix his messes–Mike take note.

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