Monday, November 18, 2013

David Cameron- Embarrassed husbands will have to discuss plans to watch online porn with their wives

Iceland could become the first Western democracy to attempt censorship of the internet under radical proposals to block online pornography.

From UK Telegram: The Prime Minister says adults who want to watch porn online will have to 'discuss' it with their partner after mandatory filters are imposed by internet providers. Speaking on BBC Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine show Mr Cameron said if adults wanted to watch online porn in their home they will just “going to have to have a discussion” with their partner or spouse. He said he was not trying to “lecture” adults about what they watch in their homes but said that the Government wanted to give parents an “opportunity take a more positive role” in controlling what their children can look up online. He said: “All I am saying is that as a parent and as a politician, as a politician I think other parents would welcome the fact that when you sign up to an online account you get a prompt to think about whether you want an internet in your house where your children can sometimes accidentally or on purpose search for pornographic images “We are giving parents, I think, the opportunity to take a more positive role. We are not telling parents what to do we are helping them with something they have asked us in many way to do. "It’s certainly not lecturing people about what they should or shouldn’t do – it is helping them with something that people continually tell me they’d like some help with.”

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