Monday, July 21, 2014

The CharlyBoy brand and its identity...overflogged criticism..

Article not written by me. It's the impression of an innocent observer. Read below...
For as long as I know, the CharlyBoy brand has been openly abused and criticized. It seems that Nigerians get shocked everytime CharlyBoy steps out, whether wearing the same old garb or donning a new look.
What I don't know, however, is why.
Have you ever wondered, or has it occurred to you to wonder why people so to say, catch cold whenever CharlyBoy 'sneezes'? Continue...

In the first place, I will really like to know why people gaze, criticize, gossip, abuse and even curse Charlyboy. Don't they know what brand identity is?

 Nigerians are not backward, neither are we unintelligent, forget what you might have been told or not told. We are smart people naturally, unless of course, we are blinded by the gross poverty of the mind that pervades the society, especially today.

Brand identity in a lay man's description, is what you can use to identify or differentiate a brand from another. And if I ask you now, to mention some of the things you can identify CharlyBoy with, I'm sure you won't be found wanting. Its actually one thing, CRAZE or call it MADNESS but its expressed in a million and one ways or pieces: skulls, goth, bikes, tatoos. piercings, rings, high-heeled boots, loads of women as props etc.

I remember those days of the Charly Boy Show, the slogan used to be 'anything can happen on the Charly Boy Show'. This, summed up and to my mind, is the CharlyBoy brand identity where you expect the unexpected, and when the unexpected shows up, don't be too surprised.
Its hot-button, yes!
How then are my people still very surprised every single time?

Honestly, I'm not loving this, people are just making CharlyBoy abuse Nigerians calling them daft because, according to him, even when he comes out and tells them the behind-the-scenes of his stunts, they still get very perplexed.
Well, may be its okay to be mesmerized, excited and amused by the stunts, because that is entertainment. The part I have a grouse with is when people insinuate that the stunts are fetish, devilish and all that.

What do you want again?
I've heard the mastermind behind the CharlyBoy brand, Mr. Charles Oputa, in his interviews, say times without number that he does not allow CharlyBoy into his house: meaning that his real self is entirely different from the act, his alter ego.
He has said that he created the brand to shock monotonous minds who would not dare to bare and funny enough, some people are allowing themselves to fit into that description.
Meanwhile, within all the razzmatazz is a strong positive message of self realization and actualization which all and sundry can exploit, thereby creating a better society and a better world.

For those who criticize him, that feat is as futile as cursing public establishments. If you like, curse google or facebook till thy kingdom come, e no go work. This is simply because this is a brand and its got its identity!
Have you ever cursed any of the telecoms service providers for choosing their various colours, for bearing their names or adopting their various logos? Even if you have, what result did you get?
Its the same thing here, when something is called a brand, we should respect its identity. You may not even like the brand or patronize it but that doesn't stop it from being one.
And what profit does your criticism of another deliver to you?
Mind you, the brand is busy, churning out campaigns and strategies to move it forward and keep it relevant and top-of-the-mind, but you are there, poking your nose, eye, mouth and entire body in another man's matter while yours is non-existent.

When will you start building your own life, what legacy are you living now, and which one will you leave when you're gone?

As far as I'm concerned, the CharlyBoy brand is only living its dream, fulfilling the purpose for which it was created, and no sane mind should have a problem with that. Rather, wise people should take a cue from it.

Perhaps I should say the CharlyBoy brand is living what others are dreaming.
For example, I spoke to a cross section of men about the flanking by the virgins. They love to have that, but are not bold enough to display it openly. At best, they secretly and nocturnally carry it out. They're fake, while CharlyBoy is real and sincere.

Just thought I should talk to us, I don't know Charles Oputa personally, I'm only looking at his brand purely from a professional and occupational point of view.
Every time people raise dust about the brand, I find it funny. Even a little kid can't be 'fooled' too many times. Nigerians are not daft please, don't let ignoramus thrive.
If something is a brand, find out if it is consonant with its identity. If it is and you like the brand, promote its course, if not, just let it be and face your life.
Mind your (own) business or you're not busy.

PS: By the way, I must commend Mr. Charles Oputa, he has been very consistent with the brand. Kudos!

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