Friday, June 13, 2014

Repo Man Shot To Death On The Job


A 23-year-old Maryland resident who recently became employed as a repo man in hopes of saving to money to buy a wedding ring for his new wife sadly paid the price with his life after being shot to death on the job.
A repo man shot to death in Fauquier County, Virginia, last week had just recently taken the job to save money for a wedding ring for his wife.
Last August, 23-year-old Junior Jordan Montero married Mayensy Molina. He treated her young son like his own and wanted to move out of his
in-laws’ home into a house of their own.
Montero, of Hyattsville, Maryland, worked construction and as a security guard. Two weeks ago, he took a job repossessing cars.
Shortly after midnight Friday, Montero was trying to repossess a 10-year-old pickup truck on Conde Road in Fauquier County. The owner of the truck came out shooting, authorities said, and the tow truck and pickup truck ended up in a water-filled ditch.
Divers tried to rescue Montero, but there was nothing they could do to save him.
Such a senseless and ridiculous turn of events. Our thoughts and prayers are with this young man’s family.

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