Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Starting Oceanic Bank was my late mum's idea"- Elvina Ibru reveals

Elvina Ibru, one of the daughters of billionaire businessman Olorogun Michael Ibru, has revealed that starting the now defunct Oceanic Bank was her late mum's idea. Mrs Elsie Ibru was the first female bank manager in Nigeria who worked with the defunct African Continental Bank (ACB) and with her experience in the banking sector adviced her husband to start up a bank. She said her father took the advice but unfortunately, her mum passed away when the bank was about to be opened.

"My mother was a banker back in the 60s. She worked for the defunct African Continental Bank (ACB). She was the first female bank manager in Nigeria and then my father is a man of foresight, he foresaw everything and arranged the company. The idea of setting up a bank was by my mother who advised my father to start one. That's how Oceanic Bank came up and unfortunately when the bank was to open she passed on. My mother was brilliant, my father is brilliant. I guess I picked up the interest in entertainment from them. The unity of two brains exploded to become what is today known as the Ibru organization" she said
Late Mrs Elsie Ibru died on February 3rd 1990 while Oceanic Bank was incorporated in March 1990 and began operation in July1990.

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