Saturday, May 24, 2014

Soldiers allegedly shaves man's hair because it was too bushy

Don't know whether to be sad or be amused by this story. Some army officers now go around shaving people's hair? According to a LIB reader, that happened to his nephew in Warri. His story below...
Something happened recently in Warri and I'd be grateful if you can share it on your blog so that people can be more aware of the madness perpetuated by army officers who are supposed to be protecting the citizens of this great nation.
On Monday the 19th of May, 2014, my nephew was a lone passenger in a Keke (commercial tricycle) on his way back from work
along PTI road, Effurun. The Keke was flagged down by some soldiers for no obvious reason. They told him to come down and kneel down which he did. Before he could grasp what was going on, they had started to shave off his hair with a pair of scissors, claiming that his hair was too bushy. Attached is a picture of what his hair looked like when he arrived home.
Can't a responsible young man move about freely in his country anymore or is this a further attempt to provoke youths to restiveness? Unfortunately, the soldiers, who had been terrorizing residents and passersby in that area the whole day, had no name tags on their uniforms. The army Toyota Hilux with registration number 148 is the only exhibit by which they can be traced.

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