Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nigerian UK based doctor found guilty of assaulting patient has been acquitted

The Nigerian doctor, Abiodun Bale, who was charged and found guilty of attacking a female patient in his surgery when she disagreed with his diagnosis (READ HERE) has been acquitted.

Lancashire Telegraph reports that Dr Bale appealed against his conviction last December and won.
Dr Bale agreed there was a dispute but did not agree he had touched the female patient. He claimed that during a ‘breakdown’ between himself and the patient, she was dissatisfied with the treatment & advice and decided to
make a false claim about assault.
The doctor had told the court he had just wanted to explain to her that he didn’t want her to leave and was trying to do his best for her.
A judge allowed the appeal, although the judge said they didn’t believe he had told the truth. The GP had earlier been given a six-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £1,015 costs by the lower court. He now has no criminal convictions.
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