Monday, May 5, 2014

Karrueche Sends Chris Brown Some Bday Love Amid Rumors He Plans To Propose After Jail Release


 Via: IBTimes

Karrueche Tran's efforts to stay by her boyfriend, Chris Brown are paying off. Naturally, she did not stuck by him for any reason than because she loves him to hell and back, but because of her care and support, Chris Brown thinks she's the perfect wife material and might propose to her after he comes out of jail. However, as much as Karrueche Tran loves Chris Brown and proves so, Hollywood Life reports that Karrueche is unsure what to feel when Chris does propose.

Tran has been on Brown's side right from the start of his legal troubles and Brown is certainly very appreciative of this. As such, Chris thinks
Karrueche will be the perfect wife for him. He calls her wifey all the time because aside from his mother, Tran is the only person who stood by him even on these trying circumstances. A lesser girlfriend, especially to a man like Chris, would have left him already.
"I don't know if that's him being lonely in jail but that's what he tells her. He calls her his wifey and tells her all the time that she's perfect wife material," Hollywood Life's source says." He knows Kae is incredibly loyal and has literally put her life on hold to hold him down in jail. She's taken care of just about everything in his house," the source added.
Moreover,  "He basically told her that when he gets out things are going to be way different between them and that he's going to return all the favors she's given him with a surprise of a lifetime," Hollywood Life reports.

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