Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fallacy on Deeper Life Pastor's Sickness

Following the information making headlines last weekend that the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Paster W.F Kumuyi collapsed during their Easter Retreat, the church has released a statement calling the report "fallacy". Read the statement after the cut...

Our attention has been drawn to a report in an online newspaper, suggesting that there was tension at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), during our last weekend's Easter Retreat and Special Monthly Revival service. The little known site claimed that our General Superintendent, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi experienced a "break down" in health and was rushed to a hospital where he was receiving treatment. Much later, the same website reported that he had returned to the conference centre.
The story in both intent and substance is
entirely false. The website mischievously chose to misreport what was otherwise a normal occurrence in the camp. The General Superintendent had preached the first message of the retreat on Thursday evening, and followed it up with all his three preaching assignments on Friday. By that evening he had lost his voice, thus prompting a brief announcement by the Church Secretary that the leaders had appealed to the GS to take a short break from preaching that Saturday.
In the words of the Church Secretary, "our General Superintendent is a man raised up by the Lord for our Generation and our time for a unique purpose of preparing souls for Heaven by holy and righteous living. The General Superintendent has this single-minded commitment to his God-given assignment. His age has not in any way hindered, slowed him down, nor flagged his zeal as we have seen in the past five years, The Lord having blessed him with good health."
He added: "In the past two months, this single-minded zeal has taken the General Superintendent to the North, South, East and West (of Nigeria) after the last January Miracle and Revival Programme: from Abuja to Port Harcourt, to Jalingo back to Owerri and Yenagoa. From Lagos to Benin City, to Cotonou (Benin Republic) to Accra (Ghana) and Lome (Togo), back to Lagos, to Akure (Ondo) and then to Ibadan just before the Easter Retreat.
"In all these outings, the Lord has been very faithful and we know He will continue to make him a blessing to this Continent and the World at large. However, it is important that he is in the best state to give the best to the Church. As we all may have noticed in the last Message of yesterday, his voice has been affected by the marathon preaching sessions, but we want him to be able to give the best to the Church."
He said it is for this reason that the leaders in the headquarters church have appealed "to the General Superintendent to take a short break (NOT HOLIDAY) this morning. He will (therefore,) not give us the advertised FAITH CLINIC and BIBLE TEACHING. The CHURCH will listen to his selected Messages. We trust the Lord that he will be better off for the EVENING MIRACLE AND REVIVAL SESSION when he will come in the FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL!"
This announcement was well received by the large crowd at the Retreat, and the programme proceeded smoothly. The General Superintendent was neither ill nor rushed to any hospital for treatment. He remained in the DLCC all through the Retreat. And he was as vibrant and dynamic as ever, as he preached the last message at the Retreat, lasting for over one hour. He also announced that this weekend, he was headed for Delta State to hold another programme.
The Deeper Christian Life Ministry wishes to assure our members and the general public worldwide that there was no truth in the story peddled by the online newspaper. It should, therefore, be discountenanced in its entirety.

Pastor Jerry Asemota
Church Secretary,
Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Lagos

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