Via: TMZ:
Cry for help, porn star Layton Benton is getting screwed with her pants on ... by her bank ... because she claims they closed her account without warning because she does porn.

Benton just called in to "TMZ Live" to talk about the Chase Bank scandal that's rocking the porn biz. Benton, and several other porn stars, have gone public with claims that Chase has been closing their bank accounts for no reason.

Benton told us she only learned her account was
closed when she tried to take money out of an ATM ... but was denied. She says the bank told her they were closing her account because "it's a risk" ... but never explained further.

Sources in the porn biz tell TMZ, this has been happening to a lot of porn stars and has been going on for quite some time. We're told porn stars who have had accounts for a long time are not affected, but newer stars are having difficulties.

Our sources say banks are tracking specific types of transactions -- such as deposits from webcam work -- and are flagging them as "irregular activity" because they're paid out so sporadically (on a minute-by-minute basis).