Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Pity The Fool! Mr. T Sued By Alleged Secret Son: You Abandoned Me & I Was Forced To Join A Gang

Mr. T Sued By Alleged Secret Son
Poor thang… Another day another secret celebrity seed. It looks like Mr. T should know plenty about Luda and Dwyane Wade’s break baby struggle. 

According to RadarOnline reports:
A man named Alexander Taylor filed a lawsuit against Mr. T — real name Laurence Tureaud — in June 2013 claiming he is T’s son and was abandoned by him, leaving him emotionally unstable and in a gang, is exclusively reporting.
According to the lawsuit, Taylor “was born May 25, 1988 to Vanessa Taylor (mother) and Mr. T (father)” and says “Mr. T had a responsibility and obligation as a father to help provide Alexander with the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.”
In fact, Taylor claims Mr. T chose to “neglect and abuse” him during his childhood.
“Perhaps things would be different if Alexander did not know his father; Mr. T spent quite a bit of time with Alexander for example Mr. T would take
Alexander to preschool,” the docs read.
“At the time Alexander was unaware that his father was famous, he was just a proud little boy… Then all of a sudden Mr. T walked out of Alexander’s life and never looked back.”
Taylor claims Mr. T walked out of his life because “he did not fit into Mr. T’s public image.”
As a result, Taylor states that he had a hard time transitioning into adulthood and was suspended numerous times from school, sent to juvenile hall and eventually joined a gang.
“Mr. T’s emotional child abuse has caused emotional distress resulting in more serious psychological and behavioral problems. These include depression, lack of attachment or emotional bond to family and friends, low cognitive ability and poor social skills,” the lawsuit continued.
Taylor was requesting a jury trial and $5.4 million in damages.
However, the lawsuit was dismissed by a California courthouse on August 28, 2013 citing that Taylor failed to pay the $400 filing and administrative fees for the lawsuit to continue.
Damn, we hate to think that Mr. T is a deadbeat dad, but at the same time it seems like a bit much to sue now. Homeboy needs to suck it up and accept that life is hard cuz Mr. T sure as hell doesn’t have $5.4 milli to give him.

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