Friday, March 21, 2014

Beyoncé Lied About Virginity To Jay Z And Influential Suitors To Further Career

Ya girl Bey was recently named as the subject of a juicy Blind Item published by Crazy Days And Nights:
This A list singer has had numerous men pursue her in the past. She is married now, but while she was dating, she would tell all her boyfriends she was a virgin. When she became famous several guys wanted to be her first. There are three men who think they are her
first and they each paid dearly to think they were the first, but none of them actually were. Our singer lost her virginity back in high school to a guy who died the next year in an auto accident. With no one to ever challenge her, our singer sought to make sure she was always a force in the business. The first man owned a record label and our singer desperately wanted to be on that label. He thinks he was the first and lavished our singer with gifts including cash and cars and signed her to his label. The day the deal was signed they spent two whole hours in a hotel before she said she had to go. The second was a producer who our singer wanted to produce her record. He was married at the time but wanted this singer badly. She told him she would only go out with him if he got divorced. He left his wife and produced the record and in return got to spend a weekend with the singer before she dumped him. Then, there is her husband who was told when they started dating that she was a virgin and intended to remain so until she got married. She didn’t make it that far, but did manage to string him along for almost two years before they finally ended up in bed together. In those two years she set herself up for life in gifts and cash even without her huge record sales.
And that’s why they call it POWER U!!! Hey, can you really blame her? The girl is smart. This ish is chess not checkers!!!
The real question is, who are the other two guys? Let’s think about some label heads and producers who “worked” with Beyoncé prior to 2003… Let us know what you come up with in the comments.
Hit the flip for more flashback photos Of Jay Z and Beyoncé from when they first started dating.

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