Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Gay Man Marries A Lesbian Woman And They Have A Baby, But Now They Want A Divorce

FEB. 6 – Joshu and Dajanae met in 2005 through a LGBT organization and decided to change their lives. Growing up Joshua dated boys and Dajanae dated girls. But once they met their friendship turned romantic and soon after they started a family. Joshua proposed one year ago on Mother’s Day, but the couple is having major trust issues. Both say the problems started after Joshua went on a trip to Miami with his family for his birthday. When he returned, Dajanae found condoms in
his luggage. Soon after Dajanae also found texts and messages online from other people and discovered that one was buying Joshua gifts. At that point Dajanae decided it was time for her to “do me” which meant partying and having fun whenever she felt like it. 


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