Monday, January 20, 2014

"Why I cried in church; I'm afraid I might still die after my successful surgery" - OJB

This is a LIB exclusive. I sent a reporter to go cover OJB's Thanksgiving Service yesterday and talk to him about life after his successful surgery. Below is some of what he said:
Do you have any word for people who are in your shoes but are losing hope and faith that they might not survive it?
"The only thing I will tell is it is understandable and normal to be afraid. I think the real tension starts when you are trying to prove that
you aren't afraid but, you are! I'm afraid, I mean I am afraid of dying even as I've come out of this. At least, I've seen people come out of this and still die so, I'm afraid! I wouldn't lie to myself but I'm afraid so I do everything with consciousness but at the same time, I believed that with God everything is possible.
Why I cried inside the church 
It got to a point where I thought I might not make it out alive (during the surgery) and that was why I cried inside church. On the surgery table, three to four times they had to try and revive me. After the surgery, the same thing happened twice again. So, for being here today is enough for me to be happy. That joy means a lot to me than any other thing.

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