Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fantasia Tells Women To Run Away From Married Men

fantasia antwaun
Via UB Magazine reports:

Fantasia Barrino’s image took a hit when her affair with a married T-Mobile salesman became public and his estranged wife even tried to sue her in the state of North Carolina for their romance. In the end, Antwaun Cook ended up going back to his wife and it’s been rumored that the couple is trying their hardest to secure a reality show based off their past regarding the R&B singer.
Now Fantasia has made it clear on several occasions that she’s over
Antwaun and she has really grown from the situation, so we’re not surprised that she advised women to run away from married men during her recent appearance on “The View.”
When the ladies of the panel and Fanny started talking about “Being Married Jane” and women sleeping with married men, Fantasia says:
“I think that if you’re going to go into a new situation, there’s no need to take the old baggage with you regardless of what they had going on. But if that is the situation, run, run, fast as you can, can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

Really Fanny?!? Sometimes you have to touch the hot stove multiple times before you realize it will burn you. Do you think Fantasia has finally learned how lesson and will stop messing with married men?

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