Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rihanna Gives Relationship Advice To A Fan

Roc Nation badgal Rihanna is known for pushing the envelopas far as possible, but she’s recently revealed a slightly more subtle side of herself with her latest interactions on social media.
Rih shared these pics from a recent Balmain photo shoot she did where she’s still seen showing off her tats but looking less edgy and more laid back that usual.

The bajan banger also shocked a fan recently (in a good way this time) when she responded to a DM requesting her advice with relationship problems. Hit the flip to check out their convo and see what she had to say. 



We gotta admit, she actually gave this fan some pretty solid advice that she seems to have finally taken herself where Chris Breezy is concerned. What do you think of Rih’s words of wisdom, Bossip fam?


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