Monday, December 2, 2013

Lil Wayne Cheating On Dhea Sodano With Kim Kardashian Look-Alike?!

“Lil Wayne has been messing with a stripper from Magic City in Atlanta known as Jazmine,” MediaTakeOut claims, adding, “Jazmine likes to post tweets and pictures about being with him. We’re told that she’s spent the night freaking off with him when he came to Atlanta for his sons birthday party.”
The gossip blog adds, “She [Jazmine]  brags to everyone in Atlanta that they are in love and he doesn’t care that she’s a stripper and that he takes her on vacations. Apparently they have been seeing each other for several years.”
Back in September, Weezy’s alleged mistress posted a

series of “suspicious” tweets, which got people talking. Initially, Jazmine retweeted this Lil Wayne message:
@LilTunechi: “Thank u all for your bday wishes but most of all thank u for being there during my tough times this year! I almost didn’t see 31! I’m turnt!”
But then the stripper tweeted about the rapper some more, writing, ”He really did have a tough year : (… I absolutely love that n*gga.”…”Happy bday to the amazingly awesomest guy!! Sigh! Words can’t describe my love for you… realy n#gga since day 1… I can’t wait to f#ck your imaginary boyfriend ; )… Worst behavior… Bday <3 all day.”

But while some media outlets may have taken the tweets out of context accusing the woman of “bragging” about her “secret relationship” with the rapper, Jazmine is standing up against the allegations.
On Friday, just hours after MTO published the story, Jazmine took to her Twitter to set the record straight. ”Of course I’d wake up to some bull sh*t on mediatakeout .. Y’all need Jesus,” Jazmine wrote on the social media network,  adding, “And this is why I f*cking hate PEOPLE YALL ALWAYS ON SOME LAME SH*T. Who stalks someone’s tweets from a year ago….How do I even get in contact with mto … Take that bullsh*t down.”

Rapper Lil Wayne looking very hip and tattooed out as she and his girlfriend watch the Los Angeles Lakers Vs the Miami Heat at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca
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