Friday, December 27, 2013

Georgia Residents Replace Christmas Gifts For Mother Of Four

The Georgia mother of four children who had her home burglarized and all of her kids’ presents stolen just days before Christmas got an unexpected surprise from a few kind-hearted local residents.

A Lithonia family will have a Christmas to remember thanks to generous donations from FOX 5 viewers.
Thieves slipped into Kanita King’s apartment over the weekend and stole presents from underneath the single mothers’ Christmas tree.
“I love Christmas and these people destroyed everything
I had for Christmas,” King said.
After the story aired on FOX 5 Monday night, viewers stepped up to turn King’s tears of heartache to tears of joy.
One anonymous viewer met the family at a Decatur Walmart and gave them gift cards and a new flat-screen TV. Other viewers also gave from the heart.
The family started in the electronics department, replacing a stolen laptop and tablet. Next, they headed to the clothing aisle.
By the time King’s daughters were done shopping, the mother was in tears again. She left the store with a big smile and a grateful heart.
“Thanks to the community, thanks to Walmart, thanks to FOX 5. We now have a Christmas again and thank you so much, God bless and have a merry Christmas,” King said.
This is awesome. It pays to have neighbors who have a heart!

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