Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pastor commits suicide after telling congregation that God was not hearing him

Rev. Teddy Parker, a Macon, Georgia pastor killed himself a few days after telling his congregation at his church that God was not hearing him and no longer felt a connection to God.
"I try to pray but I don’t feel like God is hearing me,” Parker said to his congregation “I try to serve but I don’t feel like God is using me. And there are times in your life when God purposely withdraws from you, he doesn’t withdraw for the sake of leaving you but he withdraws so you can grow and mature.”
Rev. Parker, a father of two, shot himself in the head with his own gun following Sunday service at Bible Mount Zion Baptist Church while his family and congregation were still at his church waiting for him for the next service..
"When he didn’t show up they went looking for him,” a church member, Russell Rowland, told the Post. “I’m very surprised because he didn’t preach that. He preached totally against it. It’s something that the congregation don’t really understand.”.


Anonymous said...

Another 'Richard Cory'

saveNaturefree said...

God showed me proof that he hears us.
God has reached out to let me know that nothing go's un-noticed. It is what inspired me to create a website for nature at