Monday, November 25, 2013

Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan threatens legal action over 'heavy' birthday celebration claims

President Goodluck Jonathan has threatened legal action after reports he missed an important investment summit in London after "heavy" birthday celebrations at his suite at a luxury Park Lane hotel the night before.
Goodluck Jonathan sought medical attention for what his adviser said was "an indisposition" the day after his 56th birthday, and doctors recommended that he rest instead of attending the meeting.
But an online news service claimed that instead he was laid low after overindulging at the presidential suite at the Park Lane InterContinental hotel during a party that the website alleged "lasted till early [in the] morning".
This was an "entirely fictional, malicious, hate-driven and scurrilous distortion of the facts of the president's indisposition", Reuben Abati, Mr Goodluck's media chief, said in a statement on behalf of his boss.
"Their incessant claim of a bibulous president is pure fiction and blackmail, and the product of malicious imagination," he said.

"We warn that our forbearance of their
disrespectful caricaturing of the president is not limitless.
"[The news sites] are not beyond the bounds of legal action for libel and wilful defamation of the character and reputation of a president who has courageously stepped forward to serve his country."

Nawaoooo! i don't know will people will not mind their business and think of their own problem.  I wonder why somebody will ever think that our president who have been active will have time for what they called "heavy birthday celebration". in fact, that reporter is actually "bounds"  for legal action.

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